What I Ate Wednesday

Well heyyyyy there!

Today was my first day of my second year in grad school and as much as I loved summer and binge watching TV (Stranger Things, The Night Of, and Narcos to name a few), I’m ready to rock this year and get more nutrition knowledge.

For those that don’t know, I’m currently getting my master’s in nutrition & dietetics to become a registered dietitian *dream job*. More info on how I got to that point can be found {here}.

I commute to school and that takes about 45 minutes to an hour one way. I’ve had a lot of friends ask me how to stay healthy while constantly being on the road so I decided it would be a good idea to share what I eat in a typical day with weekly, “What I Ate Wednesday” posts. I know, super original title.

What I Ate Wednesday || Kash in on Health

My goal with this is to share some quick, easy ideas for those that feel stuck or discouraged on planning out meals in advance. It honestly doesn’t have to be that complicated. Less is more. Unless it’s dessert, in which case, gimme all of it! Just kidding…kinda.

So I apologize in advance, most of these pictures are not going to be very pretty. They’re candid-in-the-moment noms that I’m about to eat.

For breakfast this morning I had a slice of the bestest, easiest, healthiest banana bread I have ever made. & trust me, I have made PLENTY of banana bread. This one is made with oatmeal and sweetened with bananas with a bit of maple syrup. I topped it with dates and crushed walnuts for added goodness.

Want to hear the best part? Making this banana bread doesn’t even require a bowl! The ingredients go straight into the blender and onto a pan to be baked. Get the recipe from The Whole Tara. You won’t be sorry!

What I Ate Wednesday || Kash in on Health

I also had some watermelon and grapes on the road while listening to the podcast, The Art of Charm. Seriously SUCH a good podcast. They talk about everything from social science to cognitive psychology.

What I Ate Wednesday || Kash in on Health

I got to my first class of the day, Metabolism (super pumped about this class), and once that was over it was time for lunch! I had a tuna patty that I made the night before with a bed of spinach, some lime juice squirted on top and loads of avocado. Avocado tastes so much better when no one is telling you they’re going to charge you extra. Am I right?!

I also had a Siggi’s yogurt (raspberry flavor) with a bit of almond butter but I scarfed it down so fast and forgot to snap a picture. My bad.

What I Ate Wednesday || Kash in on Health

My second class of the day was Statistics & once that was done I bolted home to have a few of my chocolate chip pear blondie bites. The perfect sweet treat.

I hit the gym for Kayla Itsine’s BBG workout (I’m on week 6),  made dinner, & did some homework (yep we already have assignments due…reality has officially kicked in).

What I Ate Wednesday || Kash in on Health

I was getting hangry so I quickly roasted some carrots, sautéed bok choy (my absolute favorite veggie at the moment) and made a sunny side up egg on a piece of toast with some spinach artichoke garlic dip. It was heavenly and I was no longer hangry.

I’m the type that likes to end the day on a sweet note so I ended up having another slice of that banana bread…yes, I’m addicted.

Overall, my first day back in school was a success. Good food, good company and even more good food.  I hope your day was just as tasty!!

What I Ate Wednesday || Kash in on Health